About Me

Who Am I?

I’m Sam Flint, and I study Computer Science and Philosophy (currently as an undergrad at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln). I grew up in Bellevue, Nebraska, and was homeschooled from seventh grade through highschool.

Education and Interests

So, as to education, here’s how it goes:

Kindergarten through sixth grade
Public school in Bellevue, NE.
Seventh grade through highschool graduation
Homeschool and Metropolitan Community College. During this time, I started studying Computer Science, albeit informally, first learning Perl and moving forward.
Freshman Year
Calvin College. Although Calvin wasn’t a great social fit, it was an excellent academic fit, and quite the experience. It was here that I began to study philosophy, again, rather informally, and also where I began to look more deeply into theology.
Sophomore Year to present
University of Nebraska – Lincoln. As a student in the CS department, I’ve very much enjoyed my time here thus far. Further, I’ve enjoyed taking classes from the Philosophy Department, and the classes have definitely expanded my horizons.

As to the fields of Computer Science, Philosophy and Theology, I am particularly interested in the following:

  • Programming Languages – especially functional programming and domain specific languages
  • Formal methods and automated theorem provers
  • Classical AI, automated reasoning and deduction systems
  • Symbolic Computation and structural manipulation of systems and information
  • Computer Science education and the transfer of knowledge in the field
  • Logic, Philosophy of Logic
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Epistemology
  • Reformed Theology
  • And various intersections and combinations of the above.

Non-academic Interests

I’m not as boring as I sound – I do have interests outside of my academic interests! I enjoy cooking (particularly peasant- and pub-style foods) and reading books (as well as collecting them). I also collect antiques of many kinds, along with vintage typewriters, slide rules and fountain pens.


When communicating with me, please at the very least sign your email with a PGP key. If you prefer to do so, you can encrypt your email, my key is available on hkp://pool.sks-keyservers.net, key ID FA13D704. It’s also available here. Revocation statements are as follows:

  • 266596F4 revoked and superceded by 2E2B259F. Statement is here.
  • 2E2B259F revoked and superceded by FA13D704. Statement is here.

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