Wonders of Org Mode

This post is old, and may no longer reflect my current way of doing things or my current opinions. It may eventually be deleted or removed. — 


Org-mode is a wonderful tool, it allows you to do just about anything!

You can:

  • keep a schudule
  • implement GTD
  • capture notes and the like
  • keep interlinked files and notes
  • produce reproducible research
  • program with LP techniques
  • and more


Org mode can be your schedule! Heck, I use it as my schedule.

It's quite simple, just create your headline with a timestamp. The timestamp format is something like:

  <2013-10-04 Fri 12:00-13:30>

Scheduling can even include repeaters or ranges, both simple and complex.


I don't use GTD methods, but I hear you can implement GTD with Org, see this article.


Org-capture allows you to capture notes, thoughts, and other things with the same outline structure, in your files.

Interlinked Notes

This is one of the best parts! Org-mode is like a wiki, but there is only one author. With org being like a wiki, one can link notes, ideas, thoughts, schedule entries, and the like, creating an excellent exocortex.

Reproducible Research

See LP.


Literate programming! Woo!

Org allows you to produce literate programming documents, which means you can easily interweave your code and your documentation.