Buffer Sets

Buffer Sets is a package that provides a way for Emacs users to manage sets or groups of buffers. It’s currently available on the FlintFam Git server or GitHub.


I use Pushover, and I’d love to see it available to Emacs users for sending pushover alerts. That’s what my pushover.el library is for. It’s again available on FlintFam.org or GitHub.


This is the firmware for the set of keyboard pedals that I use from day to day. It is available on both FlintFam and GitHub.


This is a Common Lisp library that provides a genealogical data management facility, and hopefully will include full support for the GEDCOM format in the near future. It’s available on FlintFam or GitHub.

Collect Records

This is something of a clone of MS Access, providing a way to quickly and easily build, query and add data to relatively simple databases. It’s available on FlintFam or GitHub.


This is to be a ballistics library written in Common Lisp to take advantage of the default high-precision arithmetic and automatic memory management. It’s available on FlintFam or GitHub.


This is a program to scrape the entirety of the Bible through an API and typeset it using a few specific TeX macros. It’s available on FlintFam and GitHub.


LARCS is the Lisp Automated Rewrite and Calculation System, a Lisp-based Computer Algebra System supporting full symbolic computation. More info available here.

Lisp-Based Logic System

Because Prolog is ugly, I’ve started writing something along the lines of a lisp-ified prolog interpreter. It’s available only on FlintFam.