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For the sake of completeness, I'm listing my projects here.

Current Projects


LARCS is The Lisp Automated Rewrite and Calculation System, a rudimentary CAS written in Common Lisp. As of yet, it's rather incomplete, but building something of this magnitude just takes time! It's available here.


LispLog is an implementation of Prolog in Lisp, with Lisp-ified syntax and made for use within other programs. Available here.

Library Manager

As a collector of books, I need something to help track what I have. Instead of building something ridiculous with a full RDBMS and lots of crazy features, I built it with a shell script. It's available here.

Emacs Projects

As an Emacs user, I've built a few different packages to make my life easier.


I use the Pushover push notifications service, and because I keep my life organized with Emacs, I want to receive notifications through it. To do this, I build this slim layer of integration between the two. Available here.

Buffer Sets

I have several specific sets of buffers that I either want opened immediately or want to be able to quickly open. So I built Buffer Sets to make them easy to manage, loading, unloading, defining and modifying. Available here.

Former(-ish) Projects


Key Pedals because of Emacs Pinky.


Genealogy database system in Common Lisp.


Ballistics calculations library in Common Lisp. Intended to be a line-for-line rewrite of the GNU Ballistics library into Common Lisp.

Records Collector

An attempt to build an Access-like database system for the web using Common Lisp, SQLite and some other frameworks. Alas, I don't have time to work on it!


Typeset the Bible using TeX. Currently incomplete and not particularly good. No time to improve it at the moment.