Standing Desk


So, I use the desk shown below, but here are the specs:

The VIVO Electric Stand Up Desk Frame (DESK-V103E), goes from 28.7 to 48 inches with a load capacity of 220 pounds. Is adjustable in size – can handle large or small surfaces, and the controller allows you to set presets.
I use a 2.5 foot by 5.5 foot piece of birch plywood, edges veneered, and finished with Minwax's water-based one-step finishing product. It's held on to the base using screw inserts instead of wood screws, which makes it much, much easier to remove for maintenance/transport. Between the base and surface, I use felt pads to help prevent scratches and damage.
Standing Mat
I use AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing, 20x36-Inches, Black, it's quite comfortable, and as standing mats go, pretty low-cost.

Standing Desk, as set up

Standing Desk, as set up

My Thoughts

I like it! It definitely takes some getting used to (took me about a week and a half), but it's very much worth it. I feel a lot more productive, and my back doesn't hurt nearly like it did. However, if you consider buying a standing desk, I have some tips!

Tips and Tricks

  • Decide on a good size for your desk! This is very personal, and I myself like a large working surface – I have 2 screens, 2 laptops and space for a full book plus notebook, and honestly a little bit more, but you may like a bit less space, or more space.
  • When you use it, you definitely need that standing mat, otherwise your feet get uncomfortable. You can also wear supportive shoes, but having the standing mat means you can wear pretty much any shoes (or no shoes at all).
  • DIY is always an option! Though I don't recommend DIYing the base! Doing it the way I did came to being much, much less than had I bought one pre-built. Cheapest one I was able to get a quote for (from office furniture suppliers) was $700 and wasn't quite what I was looking for.
  • When you're getting used to standing, try working your way up to standing all day, don't just go at it in one fell swoop, otherwise, you risk some seriously nasty back pain.
  • Oh, and find a good massage therapist, you'll probably have some tension after the first week. After that, it's no big deal.